Below is a list of my workshiops and their descriptions!

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Sex & Relationships

  Gender Identity vs Sexual Orientation (NEW!)

    What does LGBTQIA2S stand for, and why are they important distinctions? What is with the latest discussions on pronouns, gender identity, and bathroom usage? In this workshop, we will break down the vocabulary on varying orientations and identities, and show how to understand and use validating language. This discussion based workshop is a place for all questions, all identities, and all levels of experience and knowledge.

Communication and Problem Solving in Alternative Relationships (NEW!)

     Relationships are hard enough! Introduce BDSM or ethical non-monogamy and you add some very particular dynamics and the unique problems that may come along with it! Join Redrobin for this discussion based workshop, where we will explore various alternative relationships such as polyamorous or Dominant/submissive dynamics and how their communication needs differ from “muggle” relationships. We’ll discuss some styles of processing, support systems, and ways to work through issues with yourself as well as with others.

Polyam This, Not That! 

     Ever heard of the book series Eat This, Not That? It's essentially a guide of healthier food alternatives for your cravings. Food aside, let's take this concept and use it for polyamory! Many of us poly folks have been learning to guide our relationships and lifestyles with without examples to go by, and with limited books and resources on how to do it well. As a result, a lot of us have made many mistakes. Let's explore some of those, and discuss better, healthier alternatives for some of our impulses full of refined sugar and low nutritional value! There will be no shame here though - just bad food puns and candy for everyone!

Can We Talk About Consent?

     Consent seems to be a hot topic, and for a good reason! Absolutely every person can benefit from learning more about what consent means and how to practice it mindfully. In this discussion based workshop, we'll discuss consent as it is defined in both sex and BDSM. Some other topics you can expect to discuss:

          -Who can/cannot legally consent

          -Sexual coercion and how to avoid becoming a victim or culprit

          -Positive ways to obtain consent

          -For Kinky Folks: Ways to check in that don't break the scene for tops

       Asking permission and status updates for bottoms

       Safewords: Their benefits and drawbacks

          And more!!

  -Fondling, Fingering and Fisting


  Don't be afraid of the word 'fisting' - it doesn't have to be scary!

Come join us for a demonstration based workshop on using your hands - whether part of your hand or the whole hand, to please all manner of holes. We're going to debunk myths, get nerdy about the human body, and share some sexy tips and tricks! This workshop is for all bodies, genders and orientations!  Let's explore and help you and your partner(s) get the most out of their experience!

  The Back Door

     Whether you're an experienced player, or curious and wanting to explore, come join as we explore the joys of anal play! This class is for all genders and bodies! We're going to cover topics like safety and intent, then get into some fun demos including prostate/gspot stimulation, fisting, pegging, and more!


  Dildos to Dicks: A User's Guide from a Queer Woman's Perspective

     Completely dick inclusive! Whether it's a dildo, a toy, or biological, this workshop will be exploring the many ways to make the most of your member! Regardless of gender, sexual orientation or role, this kind of play can be pleasurable for everyone involved!

You can expect to discuss:

     - Cleanliness, STIs and care

     - Different shapes, styles, and sizes of dicks and how to use them well!

     - Various harness styles including leather, cloth, and rope- on several body parts too!

     - The tips and tricks on how to fuck all manner of holes (including faces!)

  Squirting: Let's Get Wet!

     Is it just a myth?  Absolutely not! Is it fake when shown in porn? Well.. sometimes. Can I/my partner do it? Totally! With this class and live demo, we'll discuss and demonstrate anatomy, how ejaculation works, and how you can do it too - with some tips and tricks!

  Alternatives to Monogamy

     For many years, western culture and media has portrayed having romantic exclusivity and 'one true love' as an ideal to strive for in our love lives. There's nothing wrong with monogamy, but what if we stopped assuming monogamy as a default for relationship dynamics? With limited representation or education on alternatives, how do we know what a healthy non-monogamous relationship looks like? What are the other options, and how do we begin to explore them?

     In this lecture/discussion based class we'll explore the different relationships styles other than monogamy such as open relationships, swinging, polyamory, and relationship anarchy. You can expect to discuss boundaries, agreements, jealousy, healthy communication and more!

  Chests and Nipples: Secondary Sex Traits Take the Lead!

     Chests, breasts, pectoral mass, and a variety of nipples! This demonstration based workshop is for all bodies and genders, focusing on how to how to include these often forgotten parts in your play. Safety, gender dysphoria, and fun things to help bring attention and take care of these frequently ignored areas that can be so much fun!

  Pleasuring Prostates

     In this live demo based workshop by Redrobin, we'll be exploring anal and prostate play on men. You can expect to hear about safety, toys & tools, getting over fears and shame, methods, tips and tricks for solo play and partnered play!


  BDSM for Health Care Providers  (NEW!)

  Part 1: Breaking Down the Basics

      What is BDSM? What does it mean to those who dabble, and to those who consider it their lifestyle? In this discussion based workshop, we'll break down the meaning of BDSM - Bondage + Discipline, Dominance + Submission, and SadoMasochism, along with a collection of other vocabulary from the kink world. How do intensely heavy Dominant/submissive relationships differ from abusive ones?


  Part 2: Navigating Shame and Supporting Clients

In this part of the workshop, we'll break down and identify the intents, needs, and  motivations of BDSM, and the well known saying inthe kink community,  "Kink can be therapeutic, but it is not therapy." We'll discuss the topic of  shame in alternative sexualities; where it comes from, what it feels like, and how to support a person though it.

  Embracing Your Primal Side

     Connection. Passion. Physicality. HOT!

      This demonstration and participation (not required!) based workshop will focus on what it can mean to be primal, whether that involves aggression, sex, romance, serenity, or any other form of connection that keeps you present and instinctive. There will be opportunity for hands on learning and exercises as we work on achieving, navigating, and managing different forms of primal states. If you can bring a partner that's great, but if not we will find you a partner!

  Navigating Negotiation

      This is a lecture/discussion based workshop presented by Redrobin for you to learn about Negotiation Skills - where to start, and how to improve. The focus will be about establishing boundaries, making your desires clear, and coming to a place where both you and your partner can be confident with each other's arrangements.

     What you can expect to be covered:

     -Tips on healthy, clear and assertive communication for both Tops and Bottoms, and how to negotiate in a safe and neutral environment.

     -Core topics that should be covered during negotiation and why they're important.

     -Red flags: Exploring what is important to you, how to spot your red flags and what that means for a potential partner.

     -Vetting your partners: How to do so in a comprehensive and respectful way, and how to vet others in the same way when approached by others.

     -Surveys, questionnaires, contracts, checklists, and other helpful tools that will help you and your partner thouroughly and clearly communicate information to cover a wide variety of interests, limits, health concerns, agreements, experiences and anything else that may come in handy when negotiating - and how to get the most of out them.

     -Pushing boundaries: Why some people enjoy pushing boundaries, when it's okay, and when it's not.

     -Positive outcomes that result in good communication and how to acheive them!

  S&M: Safety Maximized

     In this discussion based workshop about physical and emotional safety in BDSM, you will have an opportunity to learn some common risk factors and how to minimize them in order to maximize everyone's safety!

No matter your age, gender, experience, or relationship dynamic, this is a topic that everyone can benefit from!

Here are some topics you can expect to be covered:

     - The different schools of safety such as SSC, RACK, and PRICK - what they stand for, why they're different, and why some may work better for you than others

     - The difference between hurting and harming, and why it's such an important distinction

     - Physical safety for tops and bottoms, risk factors, and how to minimize them

     - Possible risks involved in pick up play, taking home someone new, and how to minimize them

     - Emotional safety, tips for recognizing risks, and maintaining healthy boundaries

    - Solo play and its dangers

 Sex and KInk Event Etiquette

     Do you find yourself interested in going to a sexy event, but you're not sure what to expect, what to wear, or how to act? Whether you're new or experienced in certain communities, this is a discussion that everyone can benefit from!

Here are some topics you can expect to be covered:

     - Types of events and communities that exist, and how they differ

     - Event rules and how they often differ based on community type

     - Community leaders, organizers, monitors, and what they do

     - How to handle negative incidents and problematic behaviour

     - Some "do's" and "dont's"

     - Community problems and fears

  Pain Processing 101

     This lecture and demo based workshop we will be exploring the basic physiological responses to intense sensations, and how your emotional state effects those responses. Whether you're a top or a bottom, this information can be incredibly useful in understanding the human body, mind, and when you use this information to your advantage you will be exceedingly more successful in achieving your goals in a scene. Are you aiming for subspace? Cathartic release? Fear and restlessness? Getting down to the basics of how the body processes strong sensations is a great place to start!

     What you can expect to be covered:

          -Endorphins and hormones that get released during pain and what they do.

          -Blood flow in the body in response to strong sensation.

          -How physiological reactions to pain change based on your emotional state.

          -Different ways our minds and bodies process intense sensations and how to spot them.

          -How to take this information and use it to achieve the state you want!

  I Think I'm a Top/Bottom/Switch. Now What?

     This is a 3 part discussion based workshop that covers the basics of what it means to be a top, bottom, or switch. This is a good workshop for those that are exploring where they fit in terms of roles, or want to learn what it's like for those that fit into other roles.

     Here's what you can expect to be covered:


          -The terms bottom/submissive/slave/others, what they mean and the differences between them

          -Tips for safe and fun ways to explore your submissive wants and needs

          -How you as a bottom can have and express your boundaries while still submitting

          -How to be a great and sought after bottom


          -The terms top/dominant/master/others, what they mean and the differences between them

          -How to play and learn new skills in a safe and fun way

          -How to remain in charge while admitting that you don't know everything or that you can be vulnerable as well

          -How to be a great top that leaves your bottom satisfied and eager to play again


          -What it means to be a switch

          -Frustrations and complications you can run into when you identify as a switch

          -The positives about being a switch

          -Tips and tricks for living and playing successfully as a switch

  50 Shades of Real Life

     How do you feel about 50 Shades of Grey? Love it? Hate it? Have the movies or books intrigued you, and now you're interested in learning how to fulfil that fantasy in a realistic and consensual way?


     This discussion based workshop is about the 50 Shades of Grey books and movie(s), and here's what you can expect to be discussed:

          -The positive and negative effects of the series on the vanilla and BDSM community.

          -The dangers of the play and D/s dynamic portrayed.

          -The stereotypes portrayed and embracing the diversity that exists in reality.

          -How to take the fantasy and translate it to a good time!

  Rough Body Play: High and Low Energy

   This demonstration based workshop is for those that love to use their body, get down to basics and connect with their partner directly through physical contact. You can expect to go over how and where to slap, punch, and kick someone, where and how to apply pressure points, how to use your knees and elbows, and more! We'll cover topics such as injuries, chronic pain, disability, pregnancy, etc. as well as how to possibly work with/around those issues.  Bottoms are welcome, but I hold no responsibility if they use what they learn on you!

  Poking for Fun! Needle Play for All Levels

     What is it about needles that captivates us?  Is it the variety of sensations created by them?  The fear brought by them?  The medical aspect associated with them? The artistic and visual appeal?  Or is it the sheer 'wrongness' of it all?


     Whatever the drive is, we'll explore it!  We'll be covering needle basics, risks, proper disposal and safety.  Then we'll have some fun, exploring different techniques, placement, blood play and suturing.  This is a hands on workshop, but participation is not required.  Whether you've never touched a needle before or have been playing with them for years, all levels are welcome! 

  Smack! Impact Play 101

    Have you ever been smacked on the ass and and knew you wanted more? Do you have a partner that's asked you to spank them, but you're not sure if there's a technique to it? You saw the floggers, but were too intimidated to try them?

There is absolutely technique to impact play, and anyone can learn! In this demonstration based workshop we will explore the various methods and techniques to spanking or hitting your partner with your hands, as well as with toys and tools! You'll learn how to do so in a pleasurable way, or not so pleasurable, if that's what you're going for! With live demos, you will get to see different tools such as hands, paddles, canes, floggers, and more! Time permitting, you may get a chance to try it out yourself (hitting or being hit)!

  Sensual to Sadistic with Wicked Wax

     Wax play can take on many forms, from a relaxing sensual massage to sadistic squeals and squirms!  This class will cover the basics of wax play including safety, types of wax, and clean up, as well as exploring some fun styles, tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience.  You won't want to miss this one!

  It was Knife knowing you!

    Fear, primal energy, blood, and cold shiny steel. Whether you're intruiged by knives and don't know where to start, or you want to take your knife play to the next level - we'll cover it! After going over some care, safety and basics, we'll demonstrate methods of using your knife to cause fear, various ways of cutting, and how to fuck someone with a knife. Edge play at it's sharpest!


     There's nothing quite like the exhilaration of having and controlling a person's ability to breathe, or of giving yours to someone else! In this demonstration based workshop, we're going to start off by getting nice and nerdy and discuss how the human body reacts to being without air. Topics such as safety, minimizing risks, and playing at home vs. parties will be discussed. Then brace yourself for some breathtaking demonstrations with methods, tips, tricks and more!