Top Bottom Switch

I Think I'm a Top/Bottom/Switch. Now What?


This is a 3 part discussion based workshop that covers the basics of what it means to be a top, bottom, or switch. This is a good workshop for those that are exploring where they fit in terms of roles, or want to learn what it's like for those that fit into other roles.


Here's what you can expect to be covered:


-The terms bottom/submissive/slave/others, what they mean and the differences between them

-Tips for safe and fun ways to explore your submissive wants and needs

-How you as a bottom can have and express your boundaries while still submitting

-How to be a great and sought after bottom


-The terms top/dominant/master/others, what they mean and the differences between them

-How to play and learn new skills in a safe and fun way

-How to remain in charge while admitting that you don't know everything or that you can be vulnerable as well

-How to be a great top that leaves your bottom satisfied and eager to play again


-What it means to be a switch

-Frustrations and complications you can run into when you identify as a switch

-The positives about being a switch

-Tips and tricks for living successfully as a switch