S&M Safety Maximized

S&M: Safety Maximized


Presented by Redrobin, in this workshop we will be discussing basic physical and emotional safety in kink. This will be an opportunity to learn some common risk factors and how to minimize them in order to maximize everyone’s safety. No matter what your age, gender identity, experience, or relationship dynamic, this is a topic that everyone can benefit from!

Some topics that will be discussed are:

-The different schools of safety such as SSC, RACK and PRICK. We’ll be discussing what they stand for, why they’re different and why some may work better for you than others.

-The difference between hurting and harming, and why it’s such an important distinction.

-Physical safety for tops and bottoms, risk factors and how to minimize them.

-Emotional safety, tips for recognizing risks and maintaining healthy boundaries.

-Pick up play and taking home someone new, the risks involved and how to minimize them.

-Solo play and why it’s dangerous.

-Dungeon monitors: Who they are, where to find them and how they can help

And more!