Pain Processing 101

Pain Processing 101



This lecture and demo based workshop we will be exploring the basic physiological responses to intense sensations, and how your emotional state effects those responses. Whether you're a top or a bottom, this information can be incredibly useful in understanding the human body, mind, and when you use this information to your advantage you will be exceedingly more successful in achieving your goals in a scene. Are you aiming for subspace? Cathartic release? Fear and restlessness? Getting down to the basics of how the body processes strong sensations is a great place to start!


What you can expect to be covered:

-Endorphins and hormones that get released during pain and what they do.

-Blood flow in the body in response to strong sensation.

-How physiological reactions to pain change based on your emotional state.

-Different ways our minds and bodies process intense sensations and how to spot them.

-How to take this information and use it to achieve the state you want!