Navigating Negotiation

Navigating Negotiation


This is a lecture/discussion based workshop presented by Redrobin for you to learn about Negotiation Skills - where to start, and how to improve. The focus will be about establishing boundaries, making your desires clear, and coming to a place where both you and your partner can be confident with each other's arrangements.


What you can expect to be covered:

-Tips on healthy, clear and assertive communication for both Tops and Bottoms, and how to negotiate in a safe and neutral environment.

-Core topics that should be covered during negotiation and why they're important.

-Red flags: Exploring what is important to you, how to spot your red flags and what that means for a potential partner.

-Vetting your partners: How to do so in a comprehensive and respectful way, and how to vet others in the same way when approached by others.

-Surveys, questionnaires, contracts, checklists, and other helpful tools that will help you and your partner thouroughly and clearly communicate information to cover a wide variety of interests, limits, health concerns, agreements, experiences and anything else that may come in handy when negotiating - and how to get the most of out them.

-Pushing boundaries: Why some people enjoy pushing boundaries, when it's okay, and when it's not.

-Positive outcomes that result in good communication and how to acheive them!