Kink Event Etiquette

Kink Event Etiquette


Presented by Redrobin, this month's workshop will be about the different kinds of local events, how to present yourself appropriately at them and in the community in general. It doesn't matter whether you're new or experienced, everyone can benefit from this discussion!


Here are some topics you can expect:

-Types of BDSM(and a few other) events you might like to attend and what basic courtesies are expected of you as a participant.

-Basic BDSM event rules and how dungeon party rules can differ from gatherings in other communities(swinger, vanilla, etc)

-"Dungeon Monitors/DMs", different kinds of facilitators and monitors you may come across - What they are, and how/when/what to communicate with them

-How/when/to whom you should report a negative incident at any event

-Being new to a party, event or local scene

-Some common "Do's" and "Don'ts" on the BDSM scene

-Some common community problems and fears (gossip, outing) and how to handle them as constructively or gracefully as possible.