Can We Talk About Consent

Can We Talk About Consent?


Presented by Redrobin, this lecture/discussion based workshop will be about consent. When it comes to both sex and BDSM, obtained consent is the difference between a major violation and a good time for everyone. Consent is the backbone to BDSM; it's what makes what we do okay. Whether you're new to kink or an experienced player, everyone can benefit! Come join us as we get together to discuss the importance of consent and how to obtain it!


What you can expect from this workshop:

-How consent is defined in both sex and BDSM

-Who can/cannot legally consent

-Sexual coercion and how to avoid becoming a victim or culprit

-Positive ways to obtain consent

-For Tops: Ways to check in that don't break the scene

-For Bottoms: Asking permission and status updates

-Safewords: Their benefits and drawbacks

And more!!