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Who am I?

I'm Queer.

I'm a Kinkster.

I'm a Nerd.

I'm a Slut.

I'm an Educator.

I'm a Feminist.

I'm an Activist.

Here's my first Q&A video! Questions sent to me are discussed, and this one consists of 2 questions: One about introducing a new "vanilla" partner to BDSM, the other about gaining confidence as a top.


If you have questions regarding what's discussed in this video, or have new questions for upcoming videos, you can comment or message me directly (all questions are anonymous!)






Question: ""For those of us on the bottom/sub side, what do you think we should look for in a top? What are some red flags, and what are some good signs?"



Question: "How do you start learning about poly[amory] when you always thought you were monogamous but are now in a poly/mono relationship?"






Some thoughts on foreplay!


Question: "I'm afraid to tell my new partner that I've had a lot of sexual partners"